Comprehensive and secure management for demanding projects enabling you to monitor the progress of each personalization unit

Personalization Solutions

TigerIT offers a number of solutions that run at the Data Center or Personalization Center to consolidate and streamline the front office services.

Credential Personalization System

ID Personalization system controls bulk and individual printing of ID documents with user data. This module distributes job to printers based on configurable parameters and assigns printing priority.

Core functionalities of this module are:

  • Manage the personalization unit with parameters such as IP, job setup, person profile setup, response time interval etc.
  • Start, stop and pause the personalization process at any personalization unit
  • Add multiple jobs queue list for each personalization unit
  • Display real time visual feedback as summary for each personalization unit and hence enabling the production manager to monitor the progress of personalization
  • Generate various reports including audit log, production performance boosting, production summary, etc.
  • Generate reports for stock manager to signal the reorder level
  • Generate periodic data analysis and performance report through charts and graphs
  • Parse audit log

Inventory Management Module

The inventory control module augments the Credential Management System by tracking the arrival and departure of all identity documents from the master stock. The system tracks booklet/document stock entry, usage and disposal. It keeps records of blank documents in stock, total documents printed, total documents discarded, total documents authorized, etc.

All vendor shipped box IDs and credential document IDs can be uploaded to system in CSV format and then verified with the boxes and documents received at personalization center. After personalization, ID documents are generally transported to various regions and the module facilitates this packing and delivery. By marking boxes with barcoded destination labels during dispatch and re-inventorying after reaching a regional center, it ensures that the documents and boxes reach the correct destination.

The inventorying process (at on-loads at offloads) is designed for maximum efficiency, with voice error messages so that the operator can carry on scanning, preferably with wireless scanner, unless an error occurs.


The identity module allows system administrators to configure users, roles, policies, domains as well as single sign-on so manage the overall access control of a system.

TigerIDM handles user requests for logging in to the system maintaining the role lookup, credential based authentication, allocating a session token to a system user and finally letting the user access all the system features and components based on the roles and the policies defined in the IDM server.

A log service works in background all the time logging the activities throughout the system based on the configured settings.

Key Management System

The Key Management System is used when the target system involves digital signatures, cryptographic hash functions etc. to provide security to the system’s data. In any standard system that requires such security methods through encryption and decryption, a cryptographic algorithm is implemented to encrypt and decrypt certain portion of the system, based on a private and public key combination. Managing these keys is one of the main purposes of the Key Management System. The following features are available in the TigerIT’s KMS solution:

  • Key generation
  • Exchange of keys
  • Creating key storage and managing the keys within
  • Safeguarding stored keys
  • Vetting
  • Ensuring proper usage of the keys
  • Replacement of keys

Packaging and Transportation

This module tracks credentials as they are personalized and boxed for delivery to different destinations. Items are tracked as they are put into boxes, loaded to trucks and unloaded at delivery points. This ensures that all personalized items are tracked at all times, and any misplaced items can be recovered efficiently.