Strategic Consulting

IT is an inevitable requirement for a business to expand and manage its processes. While our clients often come to us with a basic understanding of their technical needs, they are not aware of how their current IT strategy fits with their long-term goals. We provide strategic consultation to our clients to help them align their IT solutions with their business strategies so they can achieve excellence in management of their organization and delivery of products and services. We have some of the country’s highly sought-after, experienced, and diverse management professionals who contribute greatly to consultation requirements. Our proven consultants bring into each project their management, technical, and sales expertise that is built on years of involvement in the industry at home and abroad.

Some of our strategic consulting services include:

  • Business Process Analysis (Pre Tender)
  • Conceptual Solution Design (Pre Tender)
  • Tender Strategy and Competitive Analysis (Pre Tender)
  • Cost Optimization while Maintaining High Customer Satisfaction (Pre /Post Tender)
  • Project Implementation Policy and Roadmap (Pre Tender)
  • RFP Response Development (Pre Tender)
  • Development Approach (Post Tender)
  • Solution Integration and Deployment (Post Tender)
  • Client Site Management (Post Tender)

Uniting business and management consulting, systems integration and application development, we provide a full life-cycle approach to identity management solutions development through custom and packaged solutions. Please contact us regarding your consultation requirement and we can provide you a detailed overview of our strategic consulting options.

System Integration

At Tiger IT, we typically integrate our own core solutions, together with 3rd party hardware / software or existing legacy systems of our customers into an integrated customer specific system. Often clients will require more than software in their IT departments. Working with multiple vendors adds cost, complexity, and high risk in managing after sales service. In large-scale projects, we understand a system to be a combination of components cooperating in order for the system to deliver the overall functionality. System integration involves integrating existing (often disparate) components, which have interfaces. Our System Integration services involve joining those components together by “bonding” their interfaces. If the interfaces don’t directly interconnect, the “bond” between them can provide the required mappings. We use our experience and partnerships to provide services for our clients that help understanding how to bond these various components in a proper manner. We utilize the business and technology know how of our engineers and experts to customize and implement all hardware and software components for a project. As a result, our clients are able to get a complete solution from a single-point. This minimizes complexity for clients, provides a single-point of responsibility, and makes managing the project comparatively smoother.

Please contact us for a detailed understanding of our project specific system integration service offerings.