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Cleansing and Migration of Electoral Database of Bangladesh Election Commission

The United Nations Development Programme ("UNDP") in Bangladesh engaged Tiger IT in order to perform services in respect of “Cleansing and Migration of Electoral Database of Bangladesh Election Commission.”

The scope of work included the following:

  • Database migration to Oracle
    • Installation of hardware/software/storage required for migration
    • Back up of all migrated data on other backup devices
    • Provide quality validation of migrated data
    • Ensure data is not corrupted during migration
    • Transfer of knowledge to BEC personnel, in terms of training, documentation, and any other preferred method by BEC
  • Data cleansing
    • Prepare a validated cleansing plan
    • Identify data to be cleaned
    • Transliterate Bengali data to English
    • Design validation scripts to validate the clean data
    • 99% of identifiable unclean data should be cleaned
    • Ensure appropriate infrastructure and resources are used for this operation
  • Application revamp
    • Porting existing application to new platform
    • Change the application platform from PHP to Java to support new features
    • Addition and change in business logic as per requirements of BEC
    • Addition of new features
  • Extension of reporting features
    • Implement a general purpose reporting tool that will help the EC generate their own reports on demand
    • New reports with extended summary features
  • Secure API
    • Secure API for other government agencies to access necessary data
    • This application will allow other government agencies to manually and securely login into some server and access the data