.Projects\ United Nations Development Programme/ Election Commission of Nepal

Provision of Voter Registration System Software Developmentand Services for the enhancement of Voter Registration System in Nepal.

The project aims to implement a comprehensive voter registration system for Democratic Republic of Nepal. It is being commissioned for the Election Commission of Nepal (ECN) by UNDP. TigerIT will supply and install all required software and hardware for Nepal’s national voter registry, comprising of central, district and ward level applications. This system will retain the records of approximately 11 million voters in Nepal.

The proposed system will:

  • Comprise of central offices in Kathmandu, and 75 districts and 3600 enrollment stations across Nepal
  • Provide a trusted and comprehensive voter database to the Election Commission of Nepal
  • Support continuous voter registration, with biometric and demographic data
  • Provide automated system forcapture, quality assurance and matching of fingerprint
  • Include Identity and Access Control based on RBAC principles
  • Have extensive audittrail with meaningful replay capability
  • Allow ECN to securely share relevant data with its external partners
  • Support online and offline modes for transferring data from remote areas
  • Have n-tier architecture as well as high-availability, automatic fail-over and scalability

In addition, TigerIT will ensure all related training, documentation and subsequent support and maintenance services for the smooth operation of the deployed system.