.Projects\ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of Nepal

Security Printing, Supply and Delivery, Installation of Equipments and Preparation of Machine Readable Passports

Tiger IT is working in collaboration with Oberthur Technologies in the Machine Readable Passport (MRP) project for the Government of Nepal. Tiger IT is providing the software solution for capturing data into the system with ICR.

The MRP personalization center has a number of transaction points. These are:

  • ICR form receiving point
  • ICR form scanning stations
  • Dual data entry/edit stations
  • Foreign missions stations
  • Data verification stations
  • Personalization stations
  • QA Stations
  • MRP handover point

The ICR forms are collected in a batch and scanned using the document scanners. During the scan the software will separate the text, signature and photo, maintaining good resolution of the photograph and the signature so that they can be used for personalization of the MRP. The form image will also be scanned for the data entry/edit station operators to use.