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Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) for 100 Million Records with Datacenter Hardware and Related De-Duplication Service for the Current Database of Bangladesh Election Commission (BEC) with Training on Turn-Key Basis

A clean de-duplicated database that eliminates fake voter registrations was the main purpose of the project. This tender was issued by PERP (Preparation of Electoral Roll with Photographs) project under the Election Commission Secretariat.

PERP had hired international biometric experts as consultants for the preparation of the tender specifications and evaluation of the proposals. Stringent requirements were set to ensure that only the most qualified vendor wins the project. Prior to the award of the contract a validation test of the AFIS was also performed for the eligible vendors.

After a competitive evaluation, Tiger IT Bangladesh Ltd. was awarded the contract on June 2010 as the most eligible vendor. Tiger IT has successfully delivered the AFIS for 100 million records with datacenter hardware. The de-duplication work is now underway.

  • 50 AFIS Matching Cluster Servers
  • 2x Quad-Core Intel Xeon Processor
  • 24 GB DDR3, 1333MHz RAM
  • 2 x 146 GB SAS, 15K hot-plug hard drives, Min upgrade to 8 HDD
  • Linux 64 bit OS, Java runtime 64 bit, Oracle 11g
  • Delivery timeframe: 32 weeks