.Projects\ Bangladesh Election Commission

Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Voters Registration System of Bangladesh Election Commission with Related Logistics, Services, Civil & Electrical Works and Training on Turnkey Basis

The Voters Register System consists of a Data Center, a Disaster Recovery System and over 600 remote locations throughout Bangladesh. It comprises all the hardware, middleware, application software, infrastructure, interfaces and services to provide a turnkey solution. The Voters Register will store 100 million voters with their bio data, photo, 4 fingerprints and signature. BEC wanted an integrated online solution connecting all remote locations to the central system. The BEC wanted to acquire a hardware and solution that is fully compliant with the principles of service oriented architecture.

The scope of work includes the following:

  • Central Voters Register Software
  • Relational Database Management System
  • Disaster Recovery System
  • Voter Register Client Software license
  • Ident Station Software license
  • Management Information Software
  • Voters List Generator Software
  • Database Servers for Data Center and Disaster Recovery System
  • Data Storage for Data Center and Disaster Recovery System
  • Printers to Print Voters Lists
  • Management Information Stations
  • Administration Stations
  • Enroll Station Peripherals
  • Identification Station peripherals
  • Training of all central staff
  • Installation, commissioning and operation of the Voter Register System including all necessary works for infrastructural development/set up (electrical, civil etc works/services)
  • Various Web Service interfaces
  • Provide onsite maintenance for 1 year
  • Five years Maintenance
  • Installation, operation and commissioning of the software